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Invoice Finance Marketplace 

The Alt-Fi market in Australia is now the second largest in APAC, with 53% growth in the last 12 months. Invoice Finance is one of the fastest growing new asset classes, already accounting for over 7% of the entire Alt-Fi market in the region. Clearmatch's Invoice Finance Marketplace is the robust, secure and transparent way to access this growing asset class.


The Clearmatch
Invoice Finance Trust

Invoice Finance helps businesses improve their cash flow and working capital to reinvest in operations and growth, by advancing payment on a significant portion of the invoiced amount (Invoice) by the Invoice Financier earlier than the payment terms on which the business (Invoice Seller) sold the good or service to their client.

  • Available to Wholesale clients in Australia
  • Alternative Fixed Income Asset Class targeting after fees returns of between 5-7% on deployed funds by investing in Invoice Loan Notes
  • Minimum Investment: $100,000


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Clearmatch Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 34 602 464 148) is an authorised representative of Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited (ABN 63 116 232 154) under its AFSL (No. 298626). Ironbark Asset Management (Fund Services) Limited is the trustee of the Clearmatch Invoice Finance Trust and the investment management is provided by Clearmatch Australia Pty Ltd.

Our Partners

Some of Australia's most innovative alt-fi and traditional finance companies rely on the stability, power, and transparency of the Clearmatch platform to power their businesses. Our single instance, multi-tenant platform means all our borrowers benefit from regular feature set improvements, and can access an ever-growing marketplace in either single, or multiple asset classes.


  • SocietyOne
  • Bidfin

Clearmatch is adding emerging, high quality, fixed income asset classes to its world-class marketplace platform. Invest in single, or multiple asset classes, while maintaining live reporting of all your investments.